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The online demo stores of T5 Sportswear & Promotions

Welcome to our online store!

Click a link below to see what is available.

T5 Fanwear Store
This page will carry the colors and themes of your school, club or business.  Your logo will be placed in the gray bar next to your name.  

The links will come and go as the stores open and close.  If you have a year round store, it will always be on top.

You will be able to advertise you school's page as www.t5sportswear/yourschool.  
This store represents what one of our school fanwear stores would look like.
Stores are updated with new designs and items by August 1, November 1, and February 1.  The store itself is open year round.
T5 Baseball Store
This store represents one of our team or club stores.  These stores are open for a short time and then all orders are printed, packaged and delivered.